Warning: Do Not Go into Farming Business without Undergoing On-farm Practical Farming.

You think you can go into farming business with the information you get online, WhatsApp groups or from “internet farmers”? THINK AGAIN!

What you learn from online courses or from articles is less than 2%.

What you don’t know about farming business can cost you tens of thousands or millions of naira and can threaten the financial livelihood of your family.

Don’t experiment with your money, because you worked hard for it!

You can become successful farmer even if you don’t know how it is done all by yourself when you undergo farm training under the tutelage of an experienced farmer. Remember the key words ALL BY YOURSELF.

Seize this rare opportunity to become an in expert farming business in 90 days. If you are not satisfied with our level of services, a refund is guaranteed. It however largely depends on your interest.

Develop agric skill sets along employment and entrepreneurship track. Gain hands-on experience in your selected agribusiness at farms closest to you. Training schedules is determined by you!

Experience You have a life time access to our experienced partners and the resourcefulness of our partners which can make you succeed, it is guaranteed!
Easy market If you cultivate your produce/product and nobody to buy them off, what happens? Simple, you lose! You can lose your sanity. With our training session, you get access to our markets already available.
Viable inputs Viable inputs (DOC, brood stock, POL, e.t.c) are bedrock of farming business. Where do you get viable inputs? You must get good inputs from good sources. If you buy non-viable inputs, you are doomed!
Vaccination and drug administrating. When your farm animals are sick what do you do? You run and start looking for a veterinary doctor. This can be expensive, exhausting and it reduces your profit. Why not take the job from them and do it yourself! We will show you how.
Feeds Animal feed is one of those inputs that must be of good quality. It can threaten the heath of your farm animals, fisheries, and of course, your financial stability.  So when you get it right, you get your business right


  1. Free email consulting valued at #200,000 per min.
  2. Lifetime support from our partners which cannot be valued monetarily.
  3. Free WhatsApp group with our partners all over the country where you can leverage on the collective experiences and market influence that our partners provide valued at #50,000 per month.
  4. Free legal tip on how to protect your business valued at #200,000
  5. Discover opportunities in Agric value chain
  6. Free tips on how to scale your agri-business
  7. Free tips on how to raise funds
  8. Certificate upon completion

Guarantee: if at any time you feel you are not learning anything, feel free to contact us. We will refund your money without any question. Absolutely no risk to you!

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