We offer agricultural paid apprenticeship programs for 2 – 12 months depending on the selected program. Through AgroCare agricultural training, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in your selected agribusiness interest. Our dedicated host-partners help applicants learn the necessary business, technology, and farming skills to be successful in the rapidly changing industry which cannot be gained in the classroom or online alone, as they are a direct result of the one-on-one training between AgroCare partners and the applicants across the country.

Our training programs include

  • Broiler production
  • Layer production
  • Pig farming
  • Pullet brooding
  • Point-of-lay production
  • Cattle business
  • Goat business
  • Fish farming
  • Grasscutter farming
  • Rabbit farming
  • Fingerling production
  • Field crop training
  • Animal feed production
  • Animal processing
  • Farm produce processing


You can register for our practical on-farm and agribusiness management training on

  1. Layer production
  2. Broiler production
  3. Catfish production
  4. Rice production
  5. Cattle
  6. Grass-cutter
  7. Sheep and goat
  8. piggery


  • 30% off our on-farm apprenticeship programs
  • One-on-one training for 2-12 months depending on the duration you want
  • Gain hands-on experience in your selected agribusiness at farms closest to you
  • Develop skillsets along employment and entrepreneurship track
  • Free hot tips on agribusiness capital gain investments
  • Free legal tips on how to protect your agribusiness interest
  • Free mentorship
  • Training schedules determined by you
  • Discover opportunities in the agric value chain
  • Certificate upon completing the training.

Register on time as we have limited slots for you

Registration closes on 24th April, 2021.

Guarantee: your training fees is refundable if you feel you are not learning anything

Farming skills to acquire:

  1. Care and feeding of livestock and fisheries
  2. Livestock and fishery health management
  3. Livestock and fishery management
  4. Marketing of livestock and fishery
  5. Financial management including income and expense record, depreciation and capital purchase and sale
  6. Farm booking keeping
  7. Processing of livestock and fishery
  8. Health monitory and veterinary care

Field crop:

  1. Marketing of crop
  2. Seed, fertility and crop protection decision
  3. Harvesting and drying of crop
  4. Financial management
  5. Farm book keeping
  6. Crop rotation management
  7. Weed identification

Our training centers: Rivers, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Akwa-Ibom, Ekiti, Delta, Lagos, Cross River, Kwara, Abia,  Benue, Plateau, Bornu, Taraba, Kebi, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, Nasarawa, Niger, Yobe, Ebonyi, Gombe, Zamfara

NB: Please confirm if your choice-course is available at our various locations before making payments. You can confirm by calling us on 08023758712or send us an mail on hello@agrocare.com.ng


₦30,000 for a duration of 1-3 months

₦50,000 for a duration of 4-6 months

₦80,000 for a duration of 6-12 months