About Us

Our platform helps Agric-Entrepreneurs

AgroCare is a product of Lenkael Resources Limited (RC: 634267) that seeks to solve the challenges in agriculture through the use of creative innovations

We offer agricultural training where you gain hands-on-experience in selected agribusiness which you cannot get from the classroom and online alone through our paid apprenticeship program.

Our platform helps Agric-Entrepreneurs to access agricultural and legal services which are accessible and affordable.

~ Partnership with excellent and successful Agro-Preneurs ~

Quality Associate Agro-Preneurs

We partner with excellent and successful Agric-Entrepreneurs to train and teach participants farming skills and agribusiness management

We have a team of experienced consultants that provide the best agricultural advisory services

Our lawyers provide legal services that are second to none.

~ Sustainable Agriculture ~

Our Core Value

Care: we are dedicated to the success of our clients

Integrity: we deliver on our contractual obligations and protect the sensitive information of our clients as may be required

Intelligence: we solve problems by disruptive and creative thinking

Sustainability: we ensure that solutions delivered are sustainable

~ Our Vision and Mission ~

Our Philosophy


  1. To become Africa’s leading provider of agricultural advisory services; to promote the development of the opportunities in the agribusiness services, market, creating values, jobs, and income
  2. To become the largest agricultural training centers in Africa.


  1. To advance the creation of wealth among Nigerians who desire to start, grow, and scale their farm enterprises and agribusinesses
  2. To make legal services accessible and affordable to Agric- Entrepreneurs
  3. To build an agric-community where small and medium-size agribusiness can access quality agricultural and legal services
  4. to provide opportunity for Nigerians to gain hands-on-experience in selected agribusiness which enhances hire-ability and self-employment